Yeela Raanan

Yeela Raanan, participant in our up-&-coming politicians course lights a torch in alternative ceremony

On Monday May 1st, at the same time as the official Independence Day ceremony was happening in Mount Herzl, an alternative ceremony for a just and equal Israel was happening in Jerusalem. Yeela Raanan, one of the participants in our first group of up-and-coming politicians held in partnership with Inmaa Palestinian Center and funded by the EU Peacebuilding Initiative, was invited to light a torch in this ceremony which is organized by the Yesh Gvul Movement and she dedicated hers to co-existence, justice and equality. We are very proud of Yeela’s continued dedication and work towards social and political change.

Also in this ceremony was Yair Auron, a member of Wahat al-Salam ~ Neve Shalom, who lit a torch for all victims of genocide everywhere. Watch Yair’s speech here (Hebrew).