Tel Aviv University Course opens for its 23rd year

“The Arab-Jewish Conflict in the Mirror of Theory and Practice”, is an academic course designed by the School for Peace and taught in the Social Psychology department, it is open to all university students. The course staff includes Prof. Hilik Klar from the Psychology department and two facilitators from the SFP, Maya Rabia and Nava Sonnenschein. This year the course is made up of 20 students, 10 Jews and 10 Arabs, from the departments of Psychology, Sociology, Gender Studies, and Biology. The course is based on an experiential process in which the students conduct a dialogue on the Arab-Jewish conflict – discussing political and social issues both as a whole group and in separate meetings of Jews and Arabs. During the course there are lectures on theories and topics connected to this experiential process. At the end of the course the students are required to write a paper analyzing the process the group went through in light of the theoretical works covered on the course reading list.