Facilitator Training Course opens for another year

2013-11-14: So far the SFP have trained about 1000 facilitators of groups in conflict, many of whom now run their own organizations for Arab-Jewish peace and human rights organizations. This year there are 15 course participants, 9 of which are Jewish and 6 are Arab, who come from organizations for social change and organizations dealing with the Arab-Jewish conflict; groups such as NISPED, Emek Saveh, Zochrot, PsychoActive, One Voice, and Magal. Some of the participants are interested in entering the field of facilitating meetings between Jews and Arabs and to learn the facilitating method developed by the SFP. The course consists of 120 hours and is made up of three parts; theory; learning facilitation skills; and the experience. The theoretical part is run by guest lecturers and consists of lectures on; the theories of Paulo Freire; the working method developed by SFP; positioning different approaches to facilitating groups in conflict; the language in Arab-Jewish meetings; the ’48 war and Nakba from the perspective of Palestinian history; post-colonial theory; the ‘social unconscious’ in facilitating groups and the theories of Wilfred Bion; setting up joint Arab-Jewish organizations; and theories on group identity and on identity development. Facilitation skills are learnt through peer guidance; participants take turns to facilitate the group, then the course facilitator analyses their development and lets them facilitate again. The third part consists of guided observation of youth workshops.