SFP graduates meet to consider educational challenges in teaching acquaintance with the other

On Thursday December 29, the graduates of five SFP teachers courses on learning the literature of the other people (“Two People Write from Right to Left”) met for a follow-up meeting.

The encounter began with an interesting acquaintance session. Among other things, one of the teachers described the fierce opposition she experienced when initiating a project at her high school. The project included a unit on learning the literature of the other and a meeting with members of the Bereaved Families Forum. The resistance came mainly from students and their parents and was expressed both at the school and on social networks.

The second session consisted of a lecture by Dr. Maram Masrawa on critical education with an emphasis on the teachings of Paulo Freire. Dr. Masarwa especially emphasized the important connection between values education and the socio-political context in which this education takes place.

In the final session, SFP facilitator Roy Silberberg introduced the poem “A Common Enemy” and the way in which he and Hadil Kayal taught it in the seminar “Teaching Literature as Education Against Racism”.

In addition, teachers discussed the open conference planned for the end of the year. It was decided to try to make the conference part of the national program of in-service training for teachers in conjunction with the relevant supervisory authorities, and to cooperate with colleges of education such as Beit Berl College and Al-Qasemi Academy.