Up and Coming Politicians - participants in first session

Second course for up and coming politicians opens

Training Future Leaders in Peace Skills!

On Friday, February 3 2017, the SFP opened a second course for up-and-coming politicians. Participating were 18 Jews and 6 Palestinian citizens of Israel. More Palestinians will be joining later.

We dedicated the day to acquaintance and the sharing of expectations from the course. The participants expressed a desire to become more involved and influential in changing the political reality and advancing peace and coexistence between the two peoples.

The participants said that the element of meeting and interacting with the leadership of the other side, which is not possible in everyday life, is very important to them.

They expressed a desire to find ways to end the conflict, and committed themselves to conducting a respectful dialogue that would seek a formula for coexistence based on mutual respect, equality and justice.

Up and Coming Politicians - course participants

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