Publications of the School for Peace

All books are available for purchase from the office of the School for Peace. For details please write to

front-coverTwo People Write From Right to Left – Anthology of Israeli and Palestinian Poetry and Stories (Arabic, Hebrew), edited by Nava Sonnenschein and Ahmad Hijazi, 2012.

Ahmad Hijazi – His Writings (PDF:  English, Hebrew, Arabic), 2012.

From Autism to Activism:Collection of Articles for Jewish and Palestinian Mental Health Professionals Interested in Social and Political Issues that Arise in their Therapeutic Work (Hebrew), 2010.

Who is More Humane? An Ethnographic Account of Power Struggle in Jewish- Palestinian Dialogue Encounters”,Sonnenschein, N., Bekerman. Z. (2010). Peace & Conflict Studies. Vol 17, 2, 307-346.

Threat and the Majority Identity”, Sonnenschein, N., Bekerman. Z. & Horenczyk, G. (2010). Group Dynamics: Theory, Research & Practice. Vol 14, 1, 47-65.

Dialogue Challenging Identity (Hebrew), by Nava Sonnenschein, 2008.

Palestinian-Jewish Youth Encounters at the School for Peace (Hebrew & English), edited by Rabah Halabi and Michal Zak, 2006.

Education of the Oppressed and the Road to Liberation: Writings of Paulo Freire(Arabic) translated and edited by Rabah Halabi, 2005.

Israeli and Palestinian Identities in Dialogue: The School for Peace Approach, (English), edited by Rabah Halabi, 2004; (Hebrew, Arabic and German).