Incitement against the Arab population

To our graduates and all who believe in our work,

Recently we have seen increasing incitement against the Arab population and charges of arson, in an attempt to create a division between Jews and Arabs. The School for Peace calls to stand up against the surge of incitement that chased the fires and is attempting to burn the shared space for all of us.

The incitement against an entire population must be stopped. It is the time to speak out in favor of partnership. Those who have experienced the work of the School for Peace can bear witness that such partnership is possible and can share their thoughts about what is happening. The experience of taking part in Jewish-|Arab encounter is sadly so rare that its power should not be underestimated.

There is no choice but to find a way to shore up equality and partnership and bolster civil society. We need to bring another voice in the face of this wave of incitement has taken over parts of society and the media.

Together we can stop the incitement stirred up by public figures with a vested interest in creating it. They will continue to strike up fear for political gain even if the whole country burns in a wave of racism. We can create another discourse and bring a voice of sanity; a voice of reason and of the possibility of living together; a voice that speaks of a shared destiny and a common future for all of us. This is a time to usher in light and clarity rather than be engulfed by discrimination and darkness. At the School for Peace we will continue to conduct joint meetings between Jews and Arabs to ensure our hope for coexistence.

The management of the School for Peace
Wahat al Salam / Neve Shalom