George and Anna Dalaras visit the School for Peace

We were so delighted to have at the School for Peace internationally known Greek singer George Dalaras. together with his partner Anna Ragousi. The couple came to hear about the work of the School for Peace and the village, and to offer their support. The visit took place on June 14, 2017.

Nava Sonnenschein: “For me the visit was very moving because over the last 20 years, I have listened to Dalaras’s amazing voice, which has filled my heart with both joy and sometimes sadness.”

On the visit, Anna Ragousi said: “Needless to say that all these efforts you are working for are the same cause George and me are working for through the concerts and through other activities, and it is a dream for us. We really admire and we are really inspired by the way you put things down to advance equality and equal opportunities to the people. We live in a very strange new century and everybody realizes that it is very difficult to be rely on the politicians and people need to be active from within and be active towards these good and worthy causes like the one you support and working for. If by any chance you think me and George and our group Nelly and Moshe can help to promote and support your ideas. We will definitely be present, stand by you, support you and work with you.”

George Dalaras said, “We share the same ideas. The most important thing in your work is that you do here you dig deep to find  the roots of bad of aggressiveness and uproot the hatred. Because hatred and war is the easiest way, peace and love is the difficult path. You work on eliminating the paranoia that the leaders instill in people.”

Giorgio Dalaras with Nava Sonnenschein