Up-and-coming politicians group, aqaba

Forty Up-and-Coming Politicians, Jews and Palestinians, Meet in Aqaba, Jordan for a five-day workshop

The second group of Up-and-Coming politicians, Jews, Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinians from the Palestinian Authority, met at the beginning of this month for a 5-day dialogue workshop in Aqaba, Jordan.

Throughout the workshop the participants discussed the conflict and spoke about its effect on our lives. Many shared their personal stories about how their lives were changed by the conflict and the obstacles they see in their own societies on the path to achieving peace.

It took me some time to understand that first of all I have to listen. I will, of course, take the stories I heard here with me. The most important thing we received from this workshop is the personal connections we made.

The strong bond that was created between the participants gave them a clearer view of why strong partnerships between the two sides are needed. It was clear to them that only by working together can they create real change and address the problems that are preventing the two peoples from reaching peace.

I’m leaving here optimistic that I have partners willing to walk this path with me, people with whom I can create a shared coalition for our shared goal.

The workshop in Aqaba is only the first part of an 18-month program during which the participants will meet for lectures, workshops, tours and dialogue. They will also be creating and working on projects for social change together to change the reality we live in.

The course was created in cooperation with Inmaa a non-profit organization for development and human rights, and is funded by the European Union Peacebuilding initiative.

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