Environmentalists tour

Leaders in environmental justice learn about energy and water injustice in S. Hebron Hills.

On Friday, June 3 the course for leaders in environmental justice toured the southern Hebron hills. At first we made a tour with Elad Orian of Comet-ME. The organization sets up systems provide electricity to Palestinian villages that are considered “unrecognized by the occupation forces. While the unrecognized settlements just a short distance away receive electricity and running water, Palestinians who have been living in these villages for many years do not receive these basic services. Comet-ME provides solar systems and wind turbines that produce electricity for residents of these villages. In addition, the organization provides simple sand-filtration systems to purify water that the residents pump from cisterns. This amazing project is accomplished by just eight people. After the tour the residents of the neighboring village prepared a delicious meal. We then heard a fantastic lecture on water issues in Palestine. The lecture explained how water management is subject to the environmentally unjust policies of the occupation.

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environmentalists visit S. Hebron Hills