“Free ourselves from Occupation” Meeting

Forum to Free Ourselves from the Occupation meets again

On January 26 Wahat al Salam – Neve Shalom and the School for Peace initiated a meeting of the Forum to Free Ourselves from the Occupation with leaders of peace and human rights NGOs and left-wing parties, a group that has been active since 2013 (see the 2015 annual report of the SFP). The group decided that it was important to hold a conference on “the failure of right-wing policy” and to continue working on the development of the first Arab – Jewish Congress. We discussed how to work together and use non-violent methods to act against the continued deterioration of human rights in our country.

The meeting was attended by: Yuval Rahamim of The Parents Circle-Family Forum; Moshe Raz, Tal Goldman and Yfat Solel of Meretz; Gidon Bromberg, head of EcoPeace Middle East; Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal, who is working on 50 Years to End the Occupation events; Eyas Shbeta, general manager of WAS-NS; Yuval Admoni, well-known pianist and member of WAS-NS; Adina Vogel from J Street; Nahi Alon of Psycho-Dharma, teacher for peace and non violent struggle; Shmulik David from Shatil / New Israel Fund; Dr. Yeela Raanan of Women Wage Peace and Hadash; and WAS-NS member Sagi Frish from Combatants for Peace. Other members of the forum include: Amb. Alon Liel, Yonatan Shapira, Dov Khenin of Hadash, SFP staff Harb Amara, Prof. Galia Golan, academic director of Ahmad Hijazi Peace College , Uri Avnery and Adam Keller of Gush Shalom, and others.