Eli Bitan speaking

“Fifty years of occupation are 50 years too many”

“As the Right celebrates 50 years of military rule over the Palestinians, the Left must not be afraid to create alliances between struggles and remind Israelis that ending the Occupation is everyone’s task.

Fifty years of Occupation, of an enormous, never-ending injustice, force us to stop working within our comfort zones, to join new groups, and to let Palestinians lead the struggle.

We must shine a light on the occupation and say, without fear: these have been 50 years too many.”

The words of Eli Bitan, participant in our Up-and-Coming Politicians course, at the anti-Occupation rally in Tel Aviv this on Saturday May 27.
The rally was attended by 10,000 people demanding the end of 50 years of occupation.

Full speech on +972 Mag’s website- https://972mag.com/50-years-of-occupation-is-50-years-too-many/127606/