Nava Sonnenschein with Rev. Desmond Tutu

Nava Sonnenschein receives a special blessing from Rev. Desmond Tutu

August 5, 2014: While in South Africa, SFP director Dr. Nava Sonnenschein had the opportunity to meet with Rev. Desmond Tutu and inform him about the work of the School for Peace. His response: ‘I really want you to know that maybe sometimes you feel alone, but remember that you have an old friend in South Africa that is praying for your School for Peace.'”

The meeting took place after a public lecture given by Rev. Tutu in the University of Cape Town. Following the lecture, there was a small reception in the religious studies department and Nava had the chance to talk with him personally.

Photo shows Rev. Tutu, Nava and Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Gender Studies, Dr. Sa’diyya Shaikh, who invited Nava to the reception.