Planners meet to consider joint actions

Arab and Jewish planners and architects planning actions to stop the demolition policy affecting Arab communities

Stormy weather did not prevent more than 40 Arab and Jewish planners and architects from coming together on January 27, 2017 in Wahat al Salam – Neve Shalom. Most were graduates of joint SFP and Arab Center for Alternative Planning change agents training courses for engineers, urban planners and architects. They were also joined by professors Ayala Ronel and Oren Yiftachel who broadened our knowledge and participated with us in brainstorming on what can be done in the current situation.

The graduates from last year’s course and additional planners considered what actions Arab and Jewish planners can do in order to stop the policy of housing demolitions in Arab communities and enable equal planning rights that can permit Arab communities to develop. All the participants expressed readiness to work together. We hope a new joint forum of Arab and Jewish planners has been born that can work for change.