Facilitator training course

2016 Facilitator Training Course gets underway

In September 2016 the School for Peace opened its annual prestigious facilitator training course. The course is offered to professionals, researchers, those who are responsible for bilateral Jewish-Arab programs and others. The course presents tools for better comprehension of the complex relations between Jews and Arabs, deepening the understanding of group identities, needs, thoughts, feelings and processes. The power balance between the groups is studied, as are measures that promote and inhibit dialogue, and the areas where conflict arises. The course includes learning through experiential training, practice in facilitation and lectures in the fields of conflict group facilitation and relations between groups.

At this stage, the participants have completed the component in which they gain first hand experience of inter-group processes themselves. There were a number of discussions of language issues and dilemmas and the participants experienced actual struggles over control of the group. Stories from the day-to-day reality in the country were explored. The group setting served as a microcosm of reality, such that the content and dynamics of this reality enter and permeate the room. However, also experienced are dynamics that are comparatively rare in the external reality, such as the dawning of hope and the initiation of dialogue on subjects that normally remain insufficiently discussed.